2 Experts CATEGORY I
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LOT LOT 2 - Infrastructure, Sustainable Growth and Jobs

2 Experts CAT I


Expertise required:



At least a Master’s Degree in Economics, Business, Marketing preferably in the field of luxury or in its absence, 14 years of professional experience in luxury industry.

General Experience

Expert/s proposed should be Category I, with at least 12 years professional experience at senior management level in the luxury industry and at least 14 years working experience with reputed international brands, in the luxury market sector.Annex VII b.

Specific Experience


  • At least three assignments in market development of luxury goods with international standard, preferably in one of the major capital cities of luxury such as Paris and Milan;
  • At least 3 assignments related to development of roadmap and implementation plan in the luxury sector.


Language skills

Must have excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate fluently in English (written and spoken). French is an advantage but not a requirement.


A reply will only be given to selected candidates. For further information, please contact the person in charge:

Yaroslava Bondar: ybo@ade.eu

Job Details
Project title Consultancy Services to support the Economic Development Board in the Development of a Luxury Industry in Mauritius
Start date 30.03.2020
Duration 130 P/J to be shared
Deadline to apply 17.02.2027
Lot LOT 2 - Infrastructure, Sustainable Growth and Jobs
Contact yaroslava.bondar@ade.eu
Ref. ADE A592-138