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ADE has been ISO 9001 certified for more than 10 years. A quality process structures the production of all services, from the moment the work begins until its approval by the client. Download the quality manual

Created in 1990, ADE is a private consulting company that delivers objective and independent services to assist private and public decision-makers in the formulation of rational economic decisions and in monitoring their implementation. ADE intervenes at every stage of the decision-making process: from problem analysis and advisory studies, to support in the formulation, in the monitoring and in the evaluation of strategies/policies/programmes. Learn more...

Celebration of our 25th anniversary
Link to the event and panel discussion on "Economic governance: the key to development?"


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Historical Areas of Excellence
ADE’s four historic areas of excellence are:

Evaluation and Monitoring
Rural Development and Environment
Regional Policies and Innovation
Economic Policies and Public Finance

Other Areas of Excellence
ADE has also gained over the last decade solid expertise in:

Private Sector and Development Finance
Impact Evaluation
Framework Contracts
Training Aid Modalities
Humanitarian Aid
Conflict Resolution, Security and Fragility
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Through the Methodological and Knowledge Sharing - MKS programme, ADE assists the European Commission (EC) in improving the quality of EC external assistance by providing EC staff in headquarters and delegations with methodological support, training on operational aspects and innovative capacity development activities, including support to the development and content of the capacity4dev platform. Capacity4dev.eu is a growing online community for development practitioners and in the three years of its existence, it has grown to become the primary online knowledge sharing resource for the Commission on development matters. It provides an open forum for Commission staff, partner countries, other donors, researchers and civil society representatives to share ideas and expertise.
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ADE has released a 5’ video on the methodological approach used for a recent Impact Evaluation . It relates to a water supply project in rural area in Peru.

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The video may be accessed here.

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Evaluation studies of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) measures for balanced territorial development
ADE has been selected by DG AGRI to implement the Framework contract for the evaluation studies of CAP measures contributing to the general objectives of balanced te..
Evaluation of State aid instruments in the agricultural and forestry sectors and in rural areas
ADE has been selected by DG AGRI to conduct an evaluation of the instruments applicable to State aid in the agricultural and forestry sectors and in rural areas (201..
Launch of the Evaluation of the AfDBs support to Swaziland
On behalf of the African Development Bank (AfDB), ADE is carrying out a country strategy and program evaluation in Swaziland over the period 2009-2018...
Launch of the Impact Evaluation of Min Ajliki programme in Morocco
ADE launches the Impact Evaluation of Min Ajliki programme in Morocco...
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Commercial and Administrative Assistant
Country: BELGIUM
Deadline: 31.01.2018
Start Date: 2.01.2018
Duration: Full-time; Permanent